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The Eyes of the Enemy

Published by:
First Avenue, Post Office Box 399
Unionville, New York 10988

ISBN 978-0-89824-323-9

Royal Fireworks Press

Online Bonuses!

Author Q&A - Questions and answers about the book and how it was written.
Deleted Scene! - Read the original Epilogue I wrote for the book. I replaced it because I wanted a more positive ending - but the Epilogue in the book does refer to it.

Photos and video of the real history behind the book
Camp Fire Girls collecting scrap metal for the war effort. The US Marine Corps camp on Pavuvu Island.
The USS McCracken, a typical troop carrier in the Pacific War. A landing craft sets out for the beach.
US troops attacking a cave on Okinawa. The Himeyuri Monument on Okinawa.
Silent US Army footage of the North Platte Canteen.
Clips from the US Marine Corps documentary, Objective Security,
about the Battle of Okinawa.
Trailer for the movie Dragon Seed,
starring Katharine Hepburn.
Trailer for the movie Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo.

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