Best of the Moon 2008
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She's the new girl in town... on the Moon!

All her life, thirteen-year-old Blair Kelly has listened to the stories of her ancestors on the American frontier. Now it's her turn to follow in their footsteps but she'll be helping settle the new frontier of the Moon. Soon, an ordinary 22nd century Earth girl is learning how to wear a spacesuit, discovering the wonders of space flight and exploring the Moon's mysteries. But is she ready to leave everything she knew behind and face the challenge of a new world?
Lunar Pioneers

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Online Bonuses!

Moon Videos - Video clips from the Apollo lunar landings!
Space Videos - Video clips of life in zero-gravity.

The Space Show - Audio clips from my October 19 2008 interview.
Author Q&A - Questions and answers about the book and how it was written.
"The Truth Is Out There" - An essay about putting science fact into science fiction.
"My Lifelong Friend, the Moon" - The story of my personal history with Earth's nearest neighbor.

The Real Lunar Pioneers - A look at the history of Moon exploration

The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal Everything you ever wanted to know about the Apollo moon landings - transcripts, photos, video and more!
The National Space Science Data Center A complete guide to the history of lunar exploration.
Clementine Blair's home colony in Lunar Pioneers is named after this 1994 Moon probe.
Lunar Prospector Information on the 1998 Moon probe.
Kaguya A probe launched by JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exporation Agency. Check out the first HD images and photos from the Moon!
Chang'e The first step in China's plans for exploring the Moon.
Chandrayaan India's first attempt to explore the Moon. Launched in mid-October 2008.
Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter NASA Moon probe launch in February 2009.
LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) A NASA mission to crash a probe into the Moon and study what happens. Launched together with the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter.

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