Monsters are real.
And they're really bad at math.

The first book of
is here!

Royal Fireworks Press

Online Bonuses!

Author Q&A - Questions and answers about the book and how it was written.
Audio - Hear my reading of the book's Prologue.
Mathematical Bonus Content
There's more to explore behind every math problem Lennie solves in Night of the Paranormal Patterns.
Read on for some inside stories and more challenges for your mathematical skills.

Chapters 1-2
The Ghostly Soldiers

Chapters 3-4
The Big Race

Chapters 5-6
The Multiplying Gremlins

Chapters 7-8
Who Likes Who?

Chapters 11-12
The Body-Switching Record

Chapters 9-10
Treasure Hunting
Chapters 13-14
The Stranded UFO

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